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Hotel Shingar is situated at choti kashi mandi. Mandi, previously known as Mandav Nagar named after Mandvay rishi (Sage) is also popularly known as " Chhoti Kashi " and " Varanasi Of Hills " because Mandi has more than 300 old and new temples. Because of the large number of temples and its location along River Beas and Suketi khad , Mandi is also known as 'Chhoti (Small) Kashi' and ' Varanasi of hills '.

Shingar Hotel is a Business cum leisure resort with its own distinctive character, The Hotel Shingar is a way to experience Manali, one of the most vibrant hill station. It is multi-cousine restaurant. It includes marriage palace, conference hall, Bar & AC /None AC Rooms.It provides off session Rate Discount 10% extra for coprate rate & booking. Hotel Shingar emphasis on quality, understand elegance and comfort is apparent in public area , In all respect Hotel Shingar is friendly and efficient and a perfect retreat.

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